Horse Licks

Horse Licks : Friend of Foe?

When it comes to keeping horses, a well balanced horse lick can actually be one of the few easy wins to offer in your day to day stable management routine.

Not only can they provide exceptional nutritional value they can also help keep your horse entertained, particularly during periods of box rest, bad weather & long journeys.

For horses that live out horse licks can provide a fuss free way to feed a herd on an ad-lib basis. They can deliver the perfect balance of vitamins and minerals to each horse in a safe process, and without the need to separate the herd at each feed time or worse still risk injury through standard herd behaviour during the feeding window.

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Paddock Power Horse Lick came to Horse-Stuff not because we were looking for anything to sell, but because our Director, Jan simply fell in love with the product and struggled to buy it online.

"I was introduced to Paddock Power at Will Hunt's training yard where I had sent a 4 year old Irish Mare to be broken in. Will also deals with problematic behaviour. Horse licks paddock power horse lick balancer Whilst the horses are with Will they have ad-lib hay and then this balancer horse lick. The lick ensures they have the vitamins and minerals they need and the hay provides enough roughage and calories for everything else. My mare thrived on it, and as soon as her lick ran out I really noticed a change in her behaviour. When I couldn't get hold of Paddock Power I tried using different herbs, vitamins etc  but nothing seemed to have quite the same effect. When I looked at the other licks out there and their contents I was shocked".

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Fast forward two years and all my horses have access to Paddock Power Horse Licks whilst they are grazing and when they are stabled. They also have a little Thunderbrooks base mix and enjoy ad-lib Haysoft Haylage (the low energy / high fibre one). They thrive on this system, I have peace of mind they have everything they need and that I cant upset any vital balances by adjusting vitamins & minerals myself. I have practically eliminated hard feeds (which can often be sugar laden - even the "Ulcer Friendly" feeds are not ulcer friendly when you take a closer look). My horses are very different rides & they have more than enough energy to regularly participate in affiliated showjumping, beach rides and glorious hacks through the countryside (when they have to forget that they are show jumpers and become trail ponies so as not to scare off my more novice friends). I genuinely believe their feeding system plays a vital part in their performance and adaptability. Paddock Power may seem expensive but I don't see it that way. It's one of those products that once you have used once you never look back. When you first give it to your horses you may be alarmed at how much interest they show but as they balance themselves out and self regulate consumption slows down. One 12kg tub takes my horses about 9 months to get through, so if you were to buy at the most expensive price that still works out at just 25p per day for me. I bought this product to Horse-Stuff because I love it and in this crazy world of horse I wanted to let others know about it too."